Registering with SVF


Below you'll find information on each section of the Registration Form. Each section is required to be filled out completely before we can process your orders.


Patient Information


Please enter your name as it appears on your MMJ Recommendation. Use this name when placing orders with us.

The rest of the information is only used to contact you if we have questions.

The Patient Address field is used to confirm you are within our delivery range. This will be your primary delivery address and should match the address on your Driver's License. Please call us for questions.

Photo of California issued ID (e.g. Driver's License)

Make sure to upload a non-blurry and legible photo/scan of your ID.

TIP: Register using a smartphone to upload a photo straight from the camera (tested on iPhone 6 and equivalent Android)

Doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana

PDF is fine, or even use your smartphone camera. Make sure everything is visible and easily read.

Membership Agreement Form:

Example Page 2 that's been completed

The system will produce errors if any of the pages have incomplete inputs. Make sure you've filled out:

Page 1 : Doctor's name and you've signed the bottom

Page 2: Pay attention to your answers on the yes or no questions.  Convicted felons and individuals terminated from other collectives are not eligible for membership. Sign at the bottom.

Page 3: Sign the bottom

Page 4: Initial the 4 boxes

Final Agreement

Click the check box to agree that you are in fact you.